Camels for Digestion's Sake

This 1936 ad for Camel cigarettes encourages you to stop and smoke between each course of your Thanksgiving feast. Link to Flickr page (full size). -via Metafilter

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When I was having one of my coughing jags back when I used to smoke, I remember thinking to myself,"At least I have a sense of digestive well-being."
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Wow. I would hate to have been a visitor at that dinner.

My late grandmother, who smoked 4 packs a day, must have heeded this advise. She was a good cook, but if you took home any leftovers, they would taste like ash. I remember as a kid, when we'd stay the night with her, our lungs would hurt the next day.

Needless to say, she passed away of a smoking-related illness in her 50s.
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I'm sure in another 70+ years we'll be looking at Ads for today in the same way.
Fastfood ads are probably going to be a big one.
"I'm lovin' it? More like I'm lardin' it! Hur-hur!"
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