White Castle Turkey Stuffing

This recipe for turkey stuffing calls for "18 White Castle hamburgers (no pickles), chopped into 1-inch pieces," (or you can substitute bread, but it won't be the same). I suppose if you live in the southern part of the US, you could substitute Krystals. Both brands are commonly called sliders. The recipe is a part of Thanksgiving for Chicago chefs Chris and Jill Barron, who share their Thanksgiving cooking schedule. Link to story. Link to recipe. -via Boing Boing

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Not that I would relish the thought of White Castle stuffing...BUT White Castle was a definite guilty childhood secret pleasure my mom would sneak us off for. We came from the school of "Don't tell your father!" and loved the subterfuge. Since that was about as devious as we got, it was all good!

Oh, and don't forget the time we "smuggled" a 50 lb sack of potatoes across the Canadian border into NY. I felt like such a rebel perched atop the unholy haul in the backseat footwell! (Forty years later,I still need to get out more, huh?)
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Kev, so you`ve never had a Castle? Very addictive! We have them in Ky but my friends and family out west always want me to pick up a case on my way to the airport and carry them on. YUM
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No, from what I've read, White Castle avoided using the term Slider for many decades but eventually decided to go with it because their customers kept using the term. So they trademarked "Slyder"

Not that I go to White Castle, I live in the wrong country, for one thing, and on those occasions when I have gone, I've been unimpressed. It's not really very good, is it?
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