USB Computer Prankster

Forget the whoppee cushion. Pranking has gone hi-tech with this USB Computer Prankster that will turn caps lock on and off, make random mouse movements, and type out random text:

Handily, the Prankster features a time delay setting, so that after installing it, you can make your getaway safely before it startmisbehaving.

The Prankster is highly annoying, but itll never activate the Enter key or close or save documents, so it’s mostly mischievous, not super-dangerous.


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Someone here at work put this on the conference room PC for our weekly meeting. The only setting enabled was the random text feature which was pretty funny. Our boss would be typing in the meeting notes and it would randomly spit out, "Help Me, I'm trapped in here!" and other silly comments. We obviously knew it wasn't a virus though it confused our boss to no end until the prankster revealed himself.
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Yeah, just hook up a USB port inside the case and they'll never know... instead they'll spend money on a new mouse, then time rebooting and possibly losing work if they work at home, stress, and finally a 'repair bill' for when they finally gave up and someone at the repair shop... holy crap I hope they don't take it to the Geek Squad... very expensive sort of 'not super-dangerous' there.
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