Bull Leaping

For some reason, the good people of Spain really like horned, charging mammals involved in their sports.  From the classic (yet controversial) bullfighting matches to the Running of the Bulls, and now an old tradition revived- Bull Leaping!  At Oddity Central, Spooky writes:
Teams of 5 to 7 bull leapers gather each year in cities like Valencia or Barcelona, to take part in a performance that many compare to the Russian roulette. Each team may face up to three bulls in the ring, at once, taunting and jumping over them just when the beasts prepare to impale them.

And, as he points out, no animals needlessly die during the events.

Video of the action.  Link to story/more pics.  | Photos by Ojodigital.

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Oh please, cut the crap about accuracy about Spaniards. The population of the city of Pamplona increases a 300% or something like that during the San Fermin Festival. So please, don't tell it is not a popular party.
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Clementine is right, I couldn´t help to be quite surprised at this post. Bullfighting is not really popular in Spain (I live in Madrid), in fact, is quite minoritary. And the sport of the pictures.. is the first time I see it and I can assure is not popular in Spain!

Of course is legitimate to argue if info is not accurate, in this case, why not to believe the people who live in Spain? I am a big Neatorama fan but I couldn´t help feeling quite uneasy reading about this, it can take people to make false assumptions about spaniards.
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Cuaco, my city is far more big than yours :P

OK, I was anticipating facts, I was sincerely confused. But that doesn't make "toros" in Barcelona very popular. You can call it "art", but you also know that maybe a half of the people of Spain call it "murder". Maybe it's because we love arguing, but doesn't make it less real. This particular tradition "known in Spain"... well, not so much, not in Catalonia that's sure.

And, Andreu, I really don't think that the bulls in bullfighting die fast and without pain.
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There's a difference between "Toros" and "Corridas".

One think are the Bullfighting, that's a tradition, like going hunting. The bull's killed fastly, with no pain.

Another thinks are the other games done in more rural villages, where they suffer to the poor bull.

OMG, i thought that neatorama was more accurate and real...
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