7 Badass Vikings

Most people outside Scandinavia would have a hard time naming more than two Vikings if you asked them. Sure, you're familiar with Eric the Red and his son Lief Ericson, but have you ever heard of Egil Skallagrimsson, who killed many but still found time to write poetry? Or how about Freydis Ericsdottr, who held her own with the male warriors? Then there's Ivar the Boneless, who invaded England to avenge his father's death.
I should mention that Ivar the Boneless got his sweet nickname because he had a degenerative disease that left him unable to stand, and not because he needed to talk to his doctor about Cialis or anything like that. However, as a badass medieval sea-raiding shitwrecker, Ivar wasn’t going to let a little thing like “not being able to use his legs” stop him from raining death on his enemies at every turn.

In this manner, Ivar killed two kings and captured a large part of the British Isles. Link

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Honestly, Miss Cellania how could you link to this poorly written drivel? Your site usually supplies us with thoughtful, inspiring and fun posts- this is way below the standard. Granted, I was intrigued by reading about some ass-kicking vikings, but the way that kid writes makes sad for the future of the written word. Please Miss Cellania, in the future, I'd rather you skip over such craptastic buffoonery and link to a sophomoric Fart soundboard instead. At least then we'd understand why you were including such stupidity.
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