A funny illustrated look inside the world of internet trolls, with a classification chart of different traits and different members of the troll ecosystem.
The best way to deal with trolls varies by type. To deal with the professor and critic, ignoring their rants goes a long way. They may get angrier at first, but the lack of an audience will drive them to more easily riled up communities, soon. Screamers should be gagged somehow, and are usually easy to pick out by their caps lock and swears-to-normal-words ratio.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by emkay.

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I agree with angstrom! These are more like...asshats who can operate a computer. Except for the professor and possibly the critic...those guys KNOW they're trolls. And of course robots, but I'm not sure they actually have sentience.
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I think this article is incorrect. Surely trolls are not just "types of annoying internet commenters".

The example commenters given in this article are unkowingly annoying , whereas real trolls are knowingly trying to annoy or create a scenario for the lulz, ie - they sock-puppet a hot button opinion to get peoples attention and then actively try to heat it (and responents) up.
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