The Perfect Coffee Cup

Using a new, high-tech material, German scientists Klaus Sedlbauer and Herbert Sinnesbichler have developed a coffee cup that will keep your drink at the optimum temperature for drinking. Phase change material (PCM) was already in use as a building and clothing material because of its temperature-regulating capability. Now it will keep your coffee from going cold!
CM is able to absorb and maintain heat or cold for long periods of time. It melts when warmed and solidifies when cooled. Different PCMs have different melting points. If a hollow-framed mug were filled with PCM that becomes liquid at exactly 136.4 degrees Fahrenheit (the ideal drinking temperature for warm beverages) and the mug’s reservoir filled with a warm beverage, the PCM would absorb excess heat, bringing the liquid down to drinking temperature and keeping it there long enough for you to enjoy your coffee.

Sedlbauer and Sinnesbichler are looking for a manufacturer and distributor for their coffee cup. Link - via babycreativeblog

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Babycreative.

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We have twin-wall stainless mugs for everyday use. They bounce when you drop them, don't mind being next to the grinder and stay hot for twenty minutes or so - longer if you put something on top.
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Call me weird, but I enjoy the experience of my coffee to start off hot until it gets to room temperature. People have thrown out my cups thinking that I was done when I wasn't. I do the same thing with tea and other beverages. Sometimes it can take over an hour to drink something.
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Neat idea, not!

My hot drink gets cooler and my cold drink get warmer? Kind of the anti-thermos. I predict that the concept tanks. I, myself, like drinks to stay pretty much at the temperature they start out at.
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