A 22-year-old student in England is trying to survive on a diet of meat, potatoes, and cereals because she has an irrational fear of vegetables.
She suffers from a fear known as lachanophobia, which leaves her sweating and stricken with panic attacks at the merest sight of a sprout or a pea...

"People might think it is a bit of a laughable affliction but I have a genuine fear of greens it's not just that I dislike the taste of sprouts or broccoli, but the actual sight of them fills me with dread and I could never touch them."

The unusual fear affects just a few thousand people in Britain...

The fact that she has gone public with her affliction shows that she does not have gelotophobia.  You can find your phobia here.

Link.  Image credit to 365 Halloween.  For a scarier creation see the "Vegetalien" of digital artist Till Nowak, and for a less frightening one, see Giuseppe Arcimboldo's work.

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I live with a roommate (for the moment) who has refused to eat vegetables since he left his mom's house. His diet consists of sodas, spiced meats, cheeses , popcorn and as many fried pork rinds as he can stuff into his face each evening. He claims he is allergic to vegetables. He is 63 years old, is morbidly obese, has has had 2 bypasses , is diabetic, has poor eyesiht hearing and memory. He has been unemployable for the past 15 years. He lives on disability and costs the taxpayers close to 50 grand every year in medical expenses.

All I can say to the young woman with the fear of vegetables is get over it. Or live the rest of your life as my roommate does - fat,alone and disabled. Needless to say I'm looking for a different living situation.
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Would she be able to eat vegetables if someone else did the cooking and disguised them as some kind of stew? As long as she did not have to touch or see the raw vegetable?
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