Motorcycle Club Colors and Patches

Arnie has a collection of around 350 patches and colors signifying motorcycle clubs from all over. Browse through and you might recognize your local club! Or just take a look at the many different designs. Link -via Gorilla Mask

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Amen to you Julie! Many narrow minded people commenting here. Guess they have no idea what it's like to be riding next to hundreds of other bikes raising money for Diabetes research,Cancer research, and fallen officers just to name a few. If they could look past the end of their noses, they might get the bigger picture!
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Wow, to the haters on here, you must not realize how much good the majority of bikers do for the community as well as individuals. I have personally helped raise money for Wisconsin Parkinsons Association, MDA, local children that have lost their fathers, different individuals struggling with horrible illnesses and other causes... each time I throw my leg over the bike for a cause I know that I am doing something good to help someone else. Yes, there are the "not so desireables" but there are those in ALLLLLLL areas of life, not just motorcycle clubs. You should maybe get pas the motorcycles and see that these are HUMAN BEINGS doing something that they love and doing a lot of good in the meantime. Can you say the same?
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