You Must Drive to the Recycling Center

David and Katie France of Dorset County, England thought they were being eco-friendly when they walked to dump to dispose of their recyclables. But they were met at the gate by an employee who told them they would have to bring their bags in by car! He cited safety concerns and warned the couple they may be hit by a vehicle. David France walked the 400 yards back to their home, got the car, and drove to the gate where they loaded their bags of scrap metal and took them into the center.
Mr France said: "It was farcical. I thought we were being doubly green by taking our recycling there on foot.

"But whatever good we did in recycling our waste was probably counteracted by the CO2 emissions we used up in our car."

The council responsible for tip said that because there is no "dedicated pedestrian access point" it was unsafe for people to walk there.

Link -via Arbroath

(image credit: Flickr user hugovk)

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Jeez, they live 400m from a tip?

This is really trailer-park trash reporting.

What about the disabled/blind who can't see the cones???

These people really need to load up the back of their Prius, and drive down the road a few hundred metres to the land-fill.

Lazy bastards......
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coned off driveway? just walk with your eyes open, and make driver pass for a licence. I mean they Have eyes dont they? a sign stating you scould not exceed a 5 km p/h speed while on the property would do the rest.
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Yeah, well, safety is safety. There is a such thing as diminishing returns and if you tried to be 100% green the effort would probably not be worth it.
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Quite common in the UK actually and I have never understood it either. All you need is some coned off pedestrian walkways to keep the two separated. Walking to the recycling centre would certainly reduce the congestion that I've encountered there. A crazy rule.
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