Flammable Ice

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High school science teacher "Mr. Kent" has a YouTube channel full of neat chemistry demonstration videos. In this one, he sets ice on fire. Here's how:

Ice is added to a dry Pyrex bowl. When the Ice melts the water reacts with the calcium carbide (place on the bottom) to produce acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide. The acetylene gas then explodes into flames when a match is place on top. It will continue to burn even as the ice melts because it keeps producing acetylene until the calcium carbide runs out.

via Urlesque | Mr. Kent's Chemistry Page | YouTube Channel

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It is more impressive to put the calcium carbide in a snowball. A must for people who snowshoe or go snowmobiling. It's easy to start a fire with fuel all around you!
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Calcium Carbide was the fuel used in old time "miners lamps" to provide a flame for light,altough dim ,by wetting it,burned.The gas produced (acyetylene) is also very combustable and/or EXSPLOSIVE depending on the amount of oxygen available.Also,much modern torch use acetylene is still made this way.Shops that use large amounts of acetylene still have "acetylene generators" using Humidified calcium carbide,as it is cheaper to produce than buying the bottled stuff.HA HA;I'm smarter than you!!!
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"Flammable Ice"

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