Town-Sized Optical Illusion

Photo: Today and Tomorrow

Swiss artist Felice Varini is known for his massive art installations that show different images depending on the viewer's vantage point. Recently, he created an optical illusion that covered the entire Swiss town of Vercorin. In the picture above, it looks like rings have been drawn over an image, but what Varini has done is painted walls and roofs at particular angels to give this impression. Click on the link for pictures that show how Varini crated this illusion.

Link via Make | Artist's Website | Previously on Neatorama: Felice Varini’s Ellipse Anamorphic Art

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Art is for Art's sake.

It's not the point that's in question here; it's the "why expend the effort on something so inconsequential" that boggles the mind.
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i didn't see the illusion mentionned...
painted circle didn;t change a thing, it wasn't a new thing i guess lol but that must have taken alot of skill to make it appear that way though!!
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The art is in convincing all those people to let him to do this, and somebody else to fund it.

For the next installation he'll make everyone in Geneva walk around carrying a Watermelon on a snowy day. Beautiful effect.
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