When Monsters Change Sides: 10 Horror Icons Who Turned Good

The way to get more mileage out of a monster is to make him/her the hero. It's been done quite a few times, sometimes resulting in more confusion than entertainment.
We'd love to say that we can't blame Dell Comics for trying to cash in on the Batmania of the 1960s by turning Dracula into a superhero, but... Well, it's Dracula as a superhero. Even worse, it's a modern-day Count Dracula as a scientist who accidentally swallows some formula that allows him to transform into a bat and then decides to fight crime in a purple jumpsuit. Seriously, in what world is that a good idea?

I thought for sure this list would include Godzilla and The Terminator, but it is limited to classic Halloween-type horror monsters. Link -via Digg

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"When Monsters Change Sides: 10 Horror Icons Who Turned Good"

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