Sad Rat Photo

Gothamist reader "Wayne" took this photo of a rat apparently stuck trying to emerge from a crack in the pavement.  Other readers went to work with Photoshopped explanations and fun interpretations almost immediately.


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My friend owned a rat along with her cat, and had a network of clear plastic tubes that went through the house. The rat would walk back and forth as the cat pounced on the tube, then when the cat gave up to lay down on the floor, the rat would scurry out to get to the other opening of tubes across the room. I'm sure that setup was great exercise for both of them.
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Man, poor guy. I like all things fuzzy. I used to have Guinea Pigs. Smart little suckers and easily cat box trained.
I would get another matched set if my kitty buds would leave em be. I just can't take that chance.
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This reminds me of the time I caught a mouse in my apartment. I released it out side. Well we had freezing rain that night, when I left for work the next day I found it frozen to the sidewalk in front of my door. it was kind of sad, really.
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The rat was deceased when they found it. It was gently disposed of. Now as a former owner of rats, and a champion of their great petness, I, for one, shed a small tear for sidewalk rat.
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