World's Largest Web-spinning Spider

A new species of golden orb spider has been found in South Africa. It is the biggest spider ever found that spins a web -and what a web it is!
The female of the new species of golden orb weaver spider has a body one and a half inches long with a leg span of five inches and weaves a web more than three feet wide.

The tiny male, however, has a leg span of just one inch. The variation of the Nephila species, named as Nephila Komaci, was discovered by US and Slovenian researchers in Africa and Madagascar

Nephila Komaci has a limited range and is believed to be an endangered species. Link -via Unique Daily

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...Ok, now i have confirmation. I personally ran across a spider sitting in its web that makes 5" sound like a joke. I remember it quite well since i came about 3 feet from walking right into it head-first.

It was in the state of Rio de Janeiro...To the south and on an Island. web was at LEAST 5' across and maybe 2.6' high - a bird wouldve easily been caught in it.

the spider was sitting dead center just like any web spider might...only this one was roughly 12" across legspan - conservatively!

I seriously think i ran across the largest webspider in the world - based on where i saw it, it makes sense that no one has ever observed it. i'd love to chat with a spider expert about it...

contact me
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"World's Largest Web-spinning Spider"

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