White Wine May Be Bad For Your Teeth

A group of  researchers at Johannes Gutenberg University, reporting in the journal Nutrition Research,  have suggested that frequent drinking of white wine may damage the teeth.
In the lab, adult teeth soaked in white wine for a day had a loss of both calcium and another mineral called phosphorus to depths of up to 60 micrometers in the enamel surface, which the researchers say is significant.

The effect is pH-mediated, and is most noticeable with Riesling wines, and was exacerbated by brushing the teeth soon after drinking wine.  Red wines were noted to be much less damaging to teeth, and the researchers suggest that the deleterious effect of white wine might be mitigated by the ingestion of calcium-rich cheese.

BBC link.  Photo: Bacchus (Caravaggio)

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It's not often that one would store one's teeth in white wine for 24 hours. Rinsing with water after wine cunsumption would also mitigate the damage.

Citrus drinks are even worse than wine.
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It is well known that wine (white or red) are not good for your teeth.

People who work around wine especially wine tasters usually have extensive enamel erosion. Since they not only drink the wine but because they hold the wine in their mouth for a prolonged period of time. This is general knowledge in the dental profession, not quite sure why seems to be a new discovery.
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the whole process involves another, mysterious element we have dubbed 'phosphorus', which you have never heard of! I mean, we call it phosphorus but you can call it whatever you want in the end. It might not even be phosphorus at all. We just called it like that, and just because it's 'called' phosphorus doesn't mean shit. We called it that.
I remember that the phosphorus levels in the ground around my elementary school created two days' vacation (via chocolate milk seeping out from the dumpsters in 1988)
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