Two Balloon Surprise

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This surprised me. What happens when you connect two balloons, one blown up much bigger than the other? I thought for sure they would equalize. Doesn’t air rush out harder from a fully-inflated balloon than from a partially-inflated balloon? Even the explanation puzzles me. Are there any scientists around who could explain more thoroughly? -via Dark Roasted Blend

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big balloon=more space (less dense)
little balloon=less space (more dense)

obviously the air would escape from a more dense container to a less dense one to balance out.

I'm not a scientist but I certainly hope this explanation make more sense :)
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It's nothing to do with the balloon itself, and everything to do with internal (not external) pressures. You can observe the same effect with soap bubbles.
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Here's how I see it: The surface area of a sphere is given by 4(pi)r^2 whereas the volume is given by (4/3)(pi)r^3. Therefore, as the balloon gets bigger, the volume increases FASTER than the surface area by a factor of r. Since the rate at which air enters the balloon is constant, there is more and more room for air, so the density will DECREASE. So the smaller the balloon, the higher the density of air.

Hope this helps!
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"Two Balloon Surprise"

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