13 Disgusting Pepsi Flavors

From Crystal Pepsi to Pepsi Samba to Pepsi Ice Cucumber, one thing is assured: these sodas are gross.

Whether you prefer Coke or Pepsi really doesn’t matter in this day and age. The soda market is flooded with variants by the two giants and lesser known companies that are trying to penetrate consumers’ refrigerators. But no matter you preference, any soda drinker can agree that these flavors that Pepsi put out are downright awful. From the classic Crystal Pepsi fiasco to the more recent Pepsi Jazz, prepare to be amazed and surprised at products marketing executives actually thought would work out.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by vveneziani.

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My father lived to be very old, drank soda a lot, was never fat and never had diabetes, so I don't know where B.M. is getting his/her information from, unless he/she qualifies for being fat and diabetic, or unless he/she is just a young kid and hasn't had much experience around people?
Coke Blak was not Blech as far as I'm concerned. I bought it all the time, so I don't know how they thought it wasn't selling. I don't think there is anything disgusting about any of those flavors, if I could find some of them here in the U.S., would be great. I did have Pepsi Jazz flavors; they were awesome. Every time I find something good, they take it off the market. It seems they marketed them to black people more, although I am white.
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Most of these odd flavors were marketed in Europe and Asia, where exotic flavored soft drinks are much more popular. So, not necessarily a fail.

And in no way is/was Pepsi Twist "gross."
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Wow - I was not aware that B.M. lived in Naruru.
According to the World Health Organization that is the country with the fatest and unhealthiest people.

A few of those flavors would be disgusting to a western palette. I liked Pepsi Blue.
I remember Pepsi had a flavor in the Philippines (circa late 70's) that was called Tutti-Fruitti.
It tasted much like Big Red.
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