World's Tallest Horse?

Poe the Clydesdale is an impressive 6' 8" tall and his owner, Shereen Thomspon, is seeking to have him admitted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Poe weighs over 3,000 pounds and stands at 80.8 inches high. The current record holder is shorter by a mere .8 inches.
The giant horse eats 10 pounds of grain and drinks 75 gallons of water per day. "He is extremely popular, but his size always means people keep a cautious distance from him -- although they shouldn't, as he is a real puppy," Thompson said.

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I really love tall (anything). And I certainly love tall horses.

But I've been a tad disappointed by the lack of...shall I say..."spectacular" height of the draft horses that invariably hold the title of tallest living horse.

I was a rider for many years, and rode some very tall jumpers. I showed a lovely, black Hanoverian stallion who was 17.2hh. I trained and showed a Trakehner stallion that was 17.3hh. I trained a grade mare who was 18.1hh. And many show jumping fans will remember Big Ben, who was 18hh, I believe.

So these were the tall, but normal, horses I rode. When I was looking for a new horse, I was only looking at ones 17h or taller (since I prefer them tall).

So, that's why it's a wee bit disappointing for me. A 19h horse is just 4" or so taller than many of the horses I rode and showed. Sure, a 20h+ horse is 8 or more inches taller, which I would probably notice. But I'm kind of hoping I'll get to see a 22h horse, one day.

As a long time Great Dane owner, I'm keenly aware of the difference between a typical 36" Dane, and the record holders just under 43".

My husband is also just under 7'. So I really notice when someone is over 7' tall, but can tell when they're not quite.

What can I say? I like big things!
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This info. is now wrong.The world's tallest horse is from Poynette,Wi.His name is Big Jake.He's been recently measured by the people at Guiness.The official word came in on Monday April 12th.
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ok i've seen some pretty tall horses but that ones really tall.sense im a pro rider see a lot of things cool horse hope he keeps growing!!

~Emily tapley pro dressage rider
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I frankly am tired of the erroneous hype over Poe. The worlds tallest horse certified by Guinness is Remington a Clydesdale in Texas. Remington stands over 6'8 1/2" at the withers over 20 hands tall. The woman who owns Poe has stated in interviews that she put her claim in to Guinness prior to Jan 2009 and yet Remington was certified not Poe. She changes the height of her horse in several interviews and even states that she intends to grow the horses feet in an effort to try to beat Remington. That is patently not legal. A horses feet are to be trimmed just prior to measuring as was done for Remington. I would know. I'm his trainer.

The record is for the World's tallest horse, not the horse with the longest feet. Remington is the world's tallest living horse! You should check your facts before you publish.
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