Man Buried in SPARCstation Case

After he "left for the great data bank in the sky," Alan was memorialized by his family in the most dignified manner possible: inside a 1990s-era SPARCstation CPU case inscribed with his name, the years of his life, and the phrase "Beam me up Scotty, I'm done here." Those who attended the funeral said goodbye to Alan in a way fitting for the cubicle lifestyle:

His friends and family were able to leave their final good-byes on post-notes. Anyone who wanted to keep their words private could just slip their note into the case through the floppy slot. All notes will be sealed in plastic and placed within the case. There has been one complication. His daughters like the look of it so much they aren't now sure if they want to bury him.

Link via Gizmodo | Image: flickr user sam 3.14

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Hey Allen, it's not about you. Surprise!!

I think this is great. Had my Dads ashes interred in Arlington National Cemetary in an antique, cirque' 1901 Cracker Jacks Nutty Deluxe tin. More power to this guy for the great sentiment.
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He was buried in a SPARCstation IPC? That's very early 90s, and fairly underpowered for the time, barely an improvement over the 68k suns. If I had to choose a Sun lunchbox, I'd at least demand an LX. Or maybe the IPX, which had a cute little curled up cat design on its motherboard (pic here:
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