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I don't have time to watch one TV, much less several all at once! HBO Imagine is a new website that aims to tell a story through interconnecting short clips as opposed to the linear format of today's TV show as well as different angles. And I mean that literally - you can change the camera angle of the clip and see "hidden" parts of the story. The more clips you watch, the more you unlock clips and clues.

It's a new way of watching a show - kind of edgy, I suppose. Maybe too edgy for old fuddy duddy like me, and therefore perfect for today's teens with short attention span, but very entertaining nonetheless: - Thanks Nathalie!

*Be sure to "spin" the first clip, titled The Affair, to see what's hiding behind the door...

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Swishly produced! If only we could have had that kind of budget and manpower for our similar concept which we produced for our graduation project and had exhibited in the UK earlier this year.
Timecode was indeed one of our main influences Olaf, superb film making!
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german television had a similar project many years ago, two movies on the first and second national channel, and at any given moment you could switch the channel to see the story from a different angle. can't remember the name though
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CLICK OUTSIDE THE BOX!!!!!!! It expands to a HUGE network of like 50 videos, all attached with strings. Find them all and it unlocks the complete video... I spent an hour at work just following the threads! VERY COOL!!!!!! Even if the acting is sub-par :(
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Could we have it on four screens at once? I don't mind the different points of view, but flipping back and forth just to see it all was frustrating. You almost have to watch them twice; there's no way rotating it like that would let you see everything.
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