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Blood Energy Drink

Photo: Urban Collector

Calm down, it's not actually blood. It's just an energy drink made to look like blood, and it's served in an IV bag:

The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic!

See? There's nothing at all abnormal about this product.

Link via Nerd Approved

Jjust when the Vampire the Gathering and Anne Rice crowds fade away their kids get hip to the world of vampire geekdom via Twilight and some tv show and we have to deal with vampire nerds all over again
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hey they took the font from the game "Blood" :D
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I'm disturbed more by the packaging than by the contents. Would you like some hormone-disrupting bisphenol A and phthalates with your novelty drink? Yum.
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I wanna buy a few bags and see how people react when I sit in front of Mt.Sinai Hospital here in Toronto and sip away at a bag of "blood" ;)
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After my comment of "Because I love the taste of blood!" outburst at work. This will be PERFECT for next month! XD Too bad it has to be with a case of 48, wonder if they can do single sale.

But seriously, 2010 to get my hands on these little beauties?!
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Wow, if you even consider buying this then your just another pawn and adding to this useless fad. Stupid ass Americans don't think enough fir themselves as it is, so let's make them think drinking blood is okay and see how that goes. Grow up people. Just because the media says it's okay it that it should be done doesn't mean DO IT. Media is responsible for almost everything and can pretty much mind warp you people into doing anything. Stock crashes, poeple hating certain celebrities for mistakes that 99% of the population makes, stupid fads ect ect.
Think for your self people.
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I was just thinking about this this morning, and here it is on my screen. As for 'Hater', you want people trying real blood because they like this fad? Now THAT is dangerous. And you speak as if we lovers don't know that the main influence for this stuff is the media. So what? If this makes people happy, all the more for it!
Can't wait to try it! (Though I hope it's cheaper than TruBlood. I'll buy TB, but my bank manager will hate me for it...)
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i like the idea im crazy on vampire anime/mangas and twilight i could so creep my crush out so much with this lol he'd probably just say its not real its not real and laughing his head off andim just their sucking away with a black straw
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Something tells me drinking real blood would be healthier, since most energy drinks (this one included, I'm sure) are packed with a shitload of sugar. Not that you should drink blood at all - real or fake. But if you're gonna be lame and follow this Twilight fad and think you're a vampire, might as well go the whole nine yards, right?
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I have seen the single packets at microcenter. its like 3-4$ (i forget) and i heard you have to heat it up or something? ill buy it for 1 all out geeky lan party (once in a life time thing of course) ha.
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I already drink real blood, it might be fun to be able to take some of this to my school, which I know will get me into trouble....BUT I WANNA TRY!

take note, I'm 14 and I don't think I'm a vampire, I just really like the flavor of blood!
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lol i actually made my own blood!! hahaha i call it BloodWine!!! its basicly just sugar sugar a bit of cinnamon and almond. it tastes pretty good. i wish i could get it thicker without changing the taste of it... oh well!!!! id love to get some of that blood!!! (i beleive in vampires:3 i wishi could be)(also a twilight hater) (i love vladimir tod:3)(vladimir tod could kid edwards shiny ass anyday)(cuz edward is a pussinboots) lol
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