11 Famous Actors and the Big TV Roles They Turned Down

Sometimes the stories of what might have been are just as fascinating as what really happened. Kara Kovalchik of mental_floss dug up actors and actresses that turned down TV roles that may have turned out quite different. Michael Richards as Adrian Monk? Paul Shaffer as George Costanza? Or Jayne Mansfield as Ginger? That may have put a whole different face on the "Ginger or Mary Anne?" debate! http://blogs.static.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/35388.html

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Now now D Bozko (you're not called David Bosankoe in real life are you? I used to know someone of that name) Skipweasel didn't say that he didn't watch ANY TV, he said he didn't watch MUCH. Presumably he (like you) has decided which programmes he enjoys and watches those. And he didn't say he filled his time with altruistic pursuits. He just implied that he filled it with pursuits more informative and entertaining than TV. I'd certainly agree that reading Neatorama is both informative and entertaining.

Anyway I don't really want to defend SW, he's quite big and hairy enough to defend himself if he wants to. I just mainly wanted to ask if you were David Bosankoe.
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That's right Skipweasel. Better to take up your time with alturistic pursuits like commenting on NEATORAMA about the fact you don't watch television. Sorry but I get tired of being told television is shallow and unentertaining. While some certainly is, there is a lot of it that is very good.
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OddNumber - yes, the UK television network is infested with American shows. It's one of the reasons I don't watch much telly. Not because the shows are American per se, but because most of them exist purely to take up time between the adverts - they neither entertain nor inform except at the most shallow level.
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Good point Miss Cellania. I just remember being in Scotland a few years ago and being able to watch Scrubs reruns pretty much 24/7. I guess I just assumed that many of our other shows were also shown in other countries as well.
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