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Bizarro - At the Atheist Cafe

This Bizarro comic panel made me chuckle. I'm sure you can start a flamewar simply by mentioning the A-word (indeed, Dan Piraro's blog post on this comic panel has quite a bit of comments), so why don't we just laugh a bit and carry on?

Link - For more Bizarro, check out Dan Piraro's excellent website and blog.

What's the joke?

Or is it really a gushing "Athiests are awesome and everybody would love Athiesm if they tried it?!" piece of propaganda? I assume there's more to it than that... right?
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The funny thing about this... the characters in the comic really do embrace & enjoy the stuff they can't believe. THAT is the Truth to this comic.
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"I don't believe X" is just a figure of speech, though. It has nothing to do with actual belief-- obviously the lady in the middle believes that they've never gone to the cafe before, otherwise she's just deluding herself.

I think the people who don't "get" the comic are the people who understand that "I don't believe X" is a figure of speech. People who are taking that phrase literally apparently are seeing the humor here.

Either way, I'd call a comic that half of the population doesn't even get not very good.
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What a groaner!

I'm pretty forgiving of lame jokes, but I don't laugh much when I read his comics. Well I guess we all have different senses of humor.
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I thought the joke is that most people would say, eg. "Oh my god I can't believe how good this is!"

Whatever, this one is a bit puzzling...
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As a devout atheist it doesn't find any rib to tickle on me. It's a rather poor play on words and, unlike good humour, doesn't pick away at the edges of your ideas.
My atheism isn't about "not being able to believe", it's about knowing there isn't anything in which to believe in the first place.
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@zavatone: Jesus doesn't love you,
but he thinks you have a great personality.

I do believe in God. That does not keep me from laughing about good jokes. It does, however, keep me from going to church. I do not believe in doctrine.
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Does that make Fabio an atheist? (Thick, meat-head Italian accent) "I can't believe it's not butter". Seriously, fellow travelers, feel free to chuckle now and again at yourself. It's good for the soul. See. I don't even believe in a soul! Ha!
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I'm not really sure that's even a joke. After I read the explanation I still don't get it. Atheism doesn't mean you don't believe in anything, does it? I think I just like a different type of humor. I hate to criticize though, it must be hard to come up with comics.
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Leela: how can you speak for someone you do not know? I find that odd.

Also, you might enjoy that my grandfather used to rail against cardinal Bernard Law in the Boston Area because they were "a bunch of crooks" and the largest land owners and "there's something wrong when the church is the largest owner of property in the state". A few years ago we find out that Cardinal Law knew about all those priests who molested little boys and I find out that "wow, my grandfather was right!"

It's hard/painful to believe in a god that lets his front men behave like that, free will or not.
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Actually, it seems that this would have been funnier if the tag line of the cartoon was "I don't believe" instead of "I can't believe". Athiests CAN believe, they just don't.
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Should be called Nihilist Cafe, for those who believe in nothing. An atheist just doesn't believe in gods. This is all a slight oversimplification of course, but technically I think Nihilist Cafe would be more accurate for the scene described.
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"it’s about knowing there isn’t anything in which to believe in the first place."

gosh, i wish i were as intelligent as you clearly are. i don't claim to know anything that big for certain. i'm not that presumptuous.

atheists seem like know-it-all kids to me.
agnostic? well that seems reasonable. and smart.
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It's a play on words people. Just a play on words. Of course, it just goes to show how personally people take this type of stuff. There is no room for chuckling... only a very strict and tight-ass view about the world and the inherent controlling philosophies of everything.
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The joke's only funny if you don't know what atheism is.

A similar joke would be, "A Catholic cafe, where they only serve wine and wafers." Ha ha, it's funny because Catholics eat food during church, and cafes have food, you know - get it?
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I'm constantly surprised by how intolerant a nation the US is. The mention atheism in most western countries will barely raise an eyebrow. In the US it always seems to cause major arguments. What chance do you have of tolerating other's beliefs if you can't tolerate the lack of belief?

Oh and yes I'm an humanist and a taoist too.
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