The World’s First Gadgets

Pictured on the left is the 1st iPod ever made, it was released in 2001, it boasted an impressive 5GB storage and as you can see the design still looks good to this day.

See it along with other original gadget designs including the 1st ever general MP3 player, the 1st ever laptop and more at Blogbits.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Eavesy.

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i had a first gen ipod, my friends all made fun of me for getting it, the battery stopped working after about 4 months, but i had bought an insurance policy on it for 1 year at compusa, the 5 gb 2nd generation was out of stock so they bumped me up to the 10gb model! it still works too!! i loved the first gen, no touching, and the scroller thingie actually moved!!
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Yes I agree with all above.
I also did expect a list that at least incorporated the first stonetipped bludgeon in Caveman-Era, the fist well-educated young former priest Egyptian slave in a Roman Household, the all new florett for the well to do citizen in the early 1700's or from the same time the new extra long-haired now sophisticated Pínk wig for the Fashionable Man, the all new 2-Valet-carried wheelless car or the goldplated Derringer that fits every-mans new suit and attire in the mid-1800's.
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The list was way too short. I was expecting a lengthy list of historical "first gadgets", not four pics of not-really-that-old tech.

BTW, those old cell phones were awesome. Heavy as heck, but the sound quality was on par with a really good landline.
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