Terrible #1 Movies

Coed Magazine has a pretty accurate list of movies that opened at number one that, in retrospect, fell critically flat.  While I see their point about The Phantom Menace, I would have substituted it for The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008).

Here's their scathing summary of Batman and Robin:
Or, the movie that destroyed the Batman franchise.  When you think about it positively,Batman Begins and The Dark Knight only ever happened thanks to the complete and utter creative failure of Batman and Robin.  But what a complete and utter creative failure it was.  It made it to #1 thanks to the success of the cheesy-but-entertaining Batman Forever, and ended up grossing about $60 million less.  Nipples on the Batsuit?  Weird gratuitous shots of Batman and Robin’s butts?  Random ice-skating scenes?  Batgirl?  I mean, they didn’t even get Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy right.

Link via BuzzFeed | Awesome Collage Photo: Coed Magazine

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kind of a modern list but I guess anything further back would be lost on many people. I do agree with Star Wars Episode I - why, dear Lord, why? It hath no place amongst the Holy Trinity: Episodes IV-VI as it and the two which cameth after are blasphemous.
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I don't think anyone went to Mall Cop expecting a great movie. It was just a harmless family movie. It wasn't much, but I've seen dozens of movies that were much worse. Just because a movie does well at the box office doesn't mean it's any good.
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