Cat Found 3800 Kilometers Away

A purebred Himalayan cat wandered into a hospital in Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia about four months ago. With an owner nowhere to be found, a nurse adopted him. The nurse was recently transferred and could not take the cat, so she took him to Donna Weber, the local veterinarian. Weber scanned the cat and found an embedded microchip. The cat’s owner was in Tasmania, 3800 kilometers away!
Clyde's owner Katrina Phillips was moved to tears when she got the call last week that Clyde was alive and well in Queensland.

"We just can't believe he's alive, it's just unbelievable and it's so emotional," Ms Phillips said.

"I bought him as a birthday present for my daughter Ashleigh and one day, about three years ago, he just disappeared.

No one knows how the cat traveled so far, or what happened during those three years. Clyde will be reunited with Phillips as soon as an escort is arranged. Link -via Arbroath

Why didn't the nurse take the cat to be scanned earlier instead of adopting it? In most parts of Australia, it's illegal to keep and not report a stray animal.
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Selfish of that nurse to keep the cat without trying to find the owners. That's the point of the chip in the first place.

I would wonder how the cat got overseas. With all that hair, maybe a good wind picked him up.
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These cats are beautiful, I have one myself. However, in saying this you must have a GREAT love of them to be a dedicated owner as they require a HUGE amount of grooming and attention. If not they become matted beyond repair and worse than that very sick from all the fur they end up swallowing. Maybe the nurse herself got 'sick' of all the work involved with a cat such as this?? How selfish of her to just keep it without going straight to a vet to check the microchip... I feel so bad for the young girl and her mother they must have been heartbroken for all that time not knowing what had happened to their beloved pet...

Hmmmm. Wonder if the woman who 'found' the cat ever visited Tasmania, maybe the answer to how the poor little thing crossed the Ocean may lie there :) Maybe she should stick to humans .... (Dunno that I'd want to be a patient of hers though!)
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