Sit Up Straight!

Your mother always urged you to sit up straight, and you should have listened to her. A study by researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain and Ohio State University finds that sitting up straight makes you feel more confident about yourself. 71 students were given a reason to either sit up straight or slouch in their chairs. Then they wrote down either three positive or three negative things about themselves. Then they were tested to see how much they believed the things they wrote.
The results showed that people who had been sitting up straight were much more likely to believe the positive things they'd been writing about themselves, whereas those who were slouching weren't so sure. Meanwhile a doubtful posture had very little effect on the half who were thinking negatively about themselves.

You know, Mom is always right.

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Um...this could also be interpreted to mean that people who sit up straight are more egotistical or self-deluding. I think I'd rather hang out with the slouchers, myself.
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idiots... this is the sitting position that is the worst for the back.
and it makes you feel more confident because slouching makes your body feel more tired.
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AND about 5-6 years ago and study show'd that Sitting up-right in chair was BAD for posture and was not conductive to learning.
A Slight SLANT BACKWARDS was more comfortable, and students did better.

WE in the WHITE world are the ONLY ones to EVER think a BACK was required to be straight. It might make you LOOK taller, but you REALLY want a flexible BACK, and this doesnt HELP that.
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