Do Fire Stations Catch on Fire?

David Israel of mental_floss blog likes to ponder some of life's, shall we say weightier questions. Like, do fire stations ever catch on fire?

Apparently so:

More recently, Pennsylvania had a lulu of its own. On July 7th, the Strattanville Volunteer Fire Department was alerted to a roof fire at its own station. The cause? Arson! When the two guys who started the fire were caught and brought into the police station, one of them said he lit his boxer shorts on fire and then threw them onto the roof of the fire station, adding that he “thought it would be funny” if the fire station caught fire.

Of course, there’s nothing funny about any of these fires, but it does make you think.

A fire station catching on fire? What could be more ironic than that? Perhaps a police station getting robbed ... Link

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I think it's really funny that this story is out here on the web. Strattanville is such a tiny place for someone to hear about us. I'm a firefighter with said department and find it ironic that you would use us as an example, because a few years ago (like 20 or so) our fire hall actually did catch on fire and burn down.
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In Australia there was a case recently where the firestation burned down. It turned out that there was no fire alarm fitted. Only in Australia....
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In Arizona, a few years back, a guy broke into the DEA compound and stole back a ford bronco that was seized when it was busted transporting drugs. They thought that they had found everything in the car as it was thoroughly searched by humans and dogs but apparently there was something still important in it for someone to steal the car back form them.
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