Where Did All the Flowers Come From?

Charles Darwin was a lifelong fan of flowers, but was unable to figure out how they evolved. There were fossils of flowering plants going back 66-100 million years, which didn’t help much because flowers evolved much earlier. Recently, however, scientists are turning to DNA analysis of contemporary plants to decode where they came from. They are also finding older fossils than ever before, as far back as 136 million years ago. Paleobotanist James A. Doyle says the fossil record is the only thing that will bring together the many theories of flower evolution.
If you could travel back to 130 million years ago, you might not be impressed with the earliest flowers. “They didn’t look like they were going anywhere,” Dr. Doyle said.

Those early flowers were small and rare, living in the shadows of far more successful nonflowering plants. It took many millions of years for flowers to hit their stride. Around 120 million years ago, a new branch of flowers evolved that came to dominate many forests and explode in diversity. That lineage includes 99 percent of all species of flowering plants on Earth today, ranging from magnolias to dandelions to pumpkins. That explosion in diversity also produced the burst of flower fossils that so puzzled Darwin.

Genetic research is providing answers to how plants can switch on genes that control how different plants parts grow, and to use sexual reproduction to increase genetic diversity. Link

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Research the quotes, you will find that even Steven J. Gould and others admit to there not being enough intermediates in the fossil record that is why they have come up with the punctuated equilibrium theory. Also science is observable and repeatable by definition. So if we are talking about evolution from a scientific debate, show me where an animal has changed from one kind to another that has been observed and repeated. There is not even a single case.
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"Since leading evolutionists cannot find sufficient intermediate fossils in the fossil record ..."

I believe what you mean to say is that no matter how many intermediate fossils we find, it is never sufficient enough for the creationists.
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Felix + GQ,
What has evolution brought to us in terms of science on its own basis?
THere is no evidence here for the evolution of plants, in fact plants pose quite the problem for uniformitarians. GQ I have to disagree. Since leading evolutionists cannot find sufficient intermediate fossils in the fossil record, the most commonly used argument is that punctuated equilibrium (sudden change) is the driving force of evolution. I think it is you that needs to do some reading. Evolutionists when confronted with a major issue and threat to their theory just stick their finger in the wind to see which way it blows and go with some other unprovable theory. Bozko makes a good point in why don't we see any intermediatary evolution taking place right now. I think i know why.
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