Man Has Donated 40 Gallons of Blood

Al Fischer, an 75-year-old New York man has reached a very commendable milestone: he has donated 40 gallons of blood over 58 years!

The print shop operator from Massapequa, affectionately known as Albee, has been donating blood every year since 1951, when Harry S. Truman was in the White House - 11 presidents ago.

So far, Fischer has given 319 pints of blood and he will do it again Tuesday in Woodbury, bringing his lifetime donation to a total of 40 gallons.

"I'm too cheap to give money, so I give blood," Fischer, 75, said jokingly.

Fischer is estimated to have helped almost 1,000 people who needed blood transfusion. Newsday has the story: Link (Photo: Howard Schnapp)

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I understand that there is a scientific theory that 'free radicals' that build up in our bloodstream damage cells, which tends to cause aging symptoms. Some believe that regularly donating blood causes a regular purging of these, making frequent donors age slower, physically. (this is one factor it is believed women live longer than men - menstation).

Anyhow, perhaps there's something to that. This guy doen't look bad for 75. Growing up in Florida, I've seen tons of 'old people' younger than him who looked a lot older.
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I wish I could give blood and make up for lost and wasted years during the Korean War (the '50s). I did give for some years but was then deferred due to ?high blood pressure? Not being ALLOWED to give breaks my heart! (75 years old)
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