2 Out of 5 Californians Are Jobless

Out of a job? If you live in the Great State of California, you're in good company: two out of five working-age Californians do not have a job!

“The current recession stands apart from prior downturns for both the depth and breadth of destruction in the job market,” the report says. “California has lost more jobs at a faster rate in the past two years than during any prior recession for which data are available, and employment has fallen in nearly every major sector of the economy.”

Because of the decline in the number of jobs coupled with growth in the labor force, the report finds that the percentage of working-age Californians who hold jobs has fallen to its lowest level in 32 years. Citing U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, the report says just 57.5 percent of California adults are working.

The last time the percentage was that low was in 1977, a time when many women voluntarily chose not to work outside their homes. The percentage of employed adults peaked in 1989 at 64.9 percent.

Timm Herdt of Ventura County Star has the grim news: http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2009/sep/06/jobless-rate-4th-highest-in-us/ | California Budget Project Press Release [PDF]

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Shut up, Cathy. You whine about your job and how bad it sucks, but guess what- you had to train to become a CNA which means you actively CHOSE to have that job where you :gasp: run and :gasp: get your hands dirty. If it's such a bad gig, then something else. You're just another politically immature sheep who just believes the same thing as daddy. Lucky to get his pension= the demands by the union for compensation were so unrealistic and unsustainable that they've bankrupted the company.
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D Bozko and Colt Seaver.

Y'all aware that it's because Californians put in place a no tax hike on real estate that that is the primary reason we have such difficulty raising revenue right now, right?

Yes, it's true that California's tax base is almost ridiculously burdened upon the richest californians. It's also one of the tax-heavier states with regards to business. But at the root of the state revenue problem is not ye incredible liberal hippy government spending too much. It's because Californians of ALL stripes simply REFUSE to reinstate a major funding mechanism of state governance, which is the real estate and housing tax. It's been fixed at a ridiculously low rate for several several years now which is why the state tax funding model is so wonked. It's largely part of the reason why we're in the crapper. Yes, you're right, California does tax rich people more than any other state in the union. But seeing as how even they are not immune to the recession, we're even worse off as a state.

California's got an incredibly multitude of problems, least of all that many suspect its entirely ungovernable due to district gerrymandering and a 60% vote requirement to get anything done at all. But don't make it out to be as though it's ye horrible leftist liberal communist socialist pig dogs in Sacramento that are causing all the problems. The root of all problems spread the blame around pretty sufficiently.
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Tennessee is about the most "friendly to business" state you could ever imagine (so-called "right to work", which means extremely hostile to unions, low wages, few worker's rights, etc.), and what do you know-- our unemployment rate is almost as high as California's! The rate is several percentage points above states that actually protect workers' rights, such as Minnesota. There are NO JOBS here. I'm starting work as a nursing assistant next week for $10 an hour. How many of you want to do that job, running for 8-12 hours straight, and getting your hands as dirty as possible? How many of you want to take care of our sick and elderly for barely more than minimum wage and no benefits? That is what we are forced to do with an unemployment rate like that. My dad has been a union Teamster for 30 years and he will be lucky to get his pension; he's from the last generation of blue collar workers who will be able to do it, or to make a decent wage. Thank God I'm able to at least have a meaningful job where I can really help people,but I am so tired of people yapping away about taxes and parroting what they hear on right-wing talk radio as they sit in cushy jobs, never having to truly do any hard work. They need a dose of reality! I'd like to see you work as a teamster or a CNA for one day-- I guarantee you would NOT make it!
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I live in California. Colt Seaver is exactly right. Our state legislature is running people out of the state because they can't cut back on their spending and keep increasing taxes. We have one of the highest tax rates for businesses and individuals in the country. Businesses are subjected to all kinds of bureaucratic red tape because of our left leaning environmentalist government. Our state workers took a hefty pay cut through furlough days. A lot of other workers throughout the state have had to take pay cuts in lieu of layoffs (I took an 8% hit myself). There are also a lot of people that took early retirement, those that are underemployed and those that can only find part time jobs. When a business can move to business friendly states they are doing so. The state of California needs to smarten up, starting with the voting public.
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