Turn on the TV Using the Power of Thought

A ‘telepathy’ chip that allows people to control computers, televisions and light switches by the power of thought is being developed by British scientists. The idea was conceived by Dr. Jon Spratley while he was studying at the University of Birmingham.
The tiny sensor would sit on the surface of the brain, picking up the electrical activity of nerve cells and passing the signal wirelessly to a receiver on the skull.

The signal would then be used to control a cursor on a computer screen, operate electronic gadgets or steer an electric wheelchair.

This type of technology would allow disabled people such as Stephen Hawking to have more control over their environment. Link

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by scaryman.

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It's about time! I've been following brain-input tech for a while. I can't wait for this! :D

And it could be used for more than turning on your TV, BTW. All sorts of appliance, for one. And not just on and off - control thermostat, unlock car door, and eventually... send text messages... :P
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The key difference seems to be how the electrode sends the signal back to the receiver- because this new one is wireless, the brain is less open to infection after implantation.
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"Turn on the TV Using the Power of Thought"

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