The Bin Banquet

London's Borough Market, which specializes in fresh gourmet food, held a banquet for 500 in which all the ingredients for the featured dishes were scrounged from what supermarkets throw out!
This bin banquet was staged to highlight the scandalous amount of food waste in the UK. Each year, we throw away 20million tonnes of food.

Every day, that equates to nearly three million tomatoes, five million potatoes, 4.5million apples, seven million slices of bread and one million sausages.

What we demonstrated was that so much of what we discard is, in fact, perfectly safe to eat.

No one got ill; no one said anything about the food tasting anything but 100 per cent fresh.

But a lot of people got angry when we reeled off the figures about how much we waste, and the fact that each family in Britain throws away more than £400 worth of perfectly edible food a year.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Rossy21.

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The garbage can is right outside the dining room window, so it easier to just toss stuff out the window than to tend a compost heap. Also, I can talk to the neighbors that way as I am scraping organic filth into the bins.
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I'd like to join you some day in throwing the rotted goods at the ne'er-do-wells. We should also go through the butcher's rubbish bin, and select choice cuts to throw.
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Skip: All these figures that get thrown around are nonsense. There's the study that said "Gamers aren't actually adolescents" and only interview people 19 and over. Then there was the study recently with the latest scaremongering about obesity and alzheimers, which studied less people than turn up to the average wedding.

It's all bollocks. Used to route through the bins at the back of the supermarkets where I used to live. Mainly to get rotten vegetables to throw at the ne'er do wells who hung around the other side:) Don't ever recall seeing ANYTHING fresh in that.
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@felixthecat - that's that compost heaps are for!

We had volunteer tomatoes and onions in the flower bed this year - and even a stray parsnip, presumably from a parsnip top that hadn't finished rotting down.
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