Got ADHD? Skip the Amusement Park Line!

Does your child have ADHD? Good news: now you can skip the line at the amusement park in the United Kingdom, thanks to the anti-discrimination laws of the country:

Hyperactive children and those with attention-deficit disorders can now queue jump at theme parks because they cannot cope with the stress of waiting.

Tourist boards are offering the privilege so that they can skip the queue with their friends.

Teachers have criticised the scheme, saying that it undermines their efforts to encourage patience and it would be better for children with ADHD, attention deficit and hyperactive disorder, to learn how to wait.


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It's not just for ADHD. My 9 year old son has a mood disorder that that is very different from ADHD. When we mentioned to his psychiatrist that we would be going to Disney for a week she asked if we wanted a letter from her so he wouldn't have to wait in line. I thought she was joking but she wasn't. I'm proud to say that my son decided on his own that he wouldn't need the letter. I will, however, say it was a relief to me just knowing it was a possibility. Just in case we got there and he couldn't handle it. I think the main problem with this system would be the number of people using it who shouldn't be. All children should be expected to perform to their abilities. But no child should be expected to do something, that for him or her, is impossible. Some kids have very serious disabilities that simply do not present themselves so obviously as blindness or deafness.
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Seventh I have "real" ADD and I appreciate your empathy for people with this diagnosis. However ADD is most certainly not brain damage. It is a difference in the brain. but then everyone is different.
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okay, maybe 'damage' was a strong word but "its a miscommunication in the receiving and sending of messages" certainly sounds like a physical mistake in biology [rather than a chosen behaviour] to me. My point was that it's a biological disorder, not a psychological 'beat it out of them' behaviour.

and i think people are missing the main point of the whole scheme. they queue-jumping isn't to help the ADHD/autistic kids, it's to stop the rest of the queuers from being driving insane by them. The scheme is helping everyone else out!

And as for "why inflict queues on them in the first place", this is an idea to allow ADHD and autistic kids, who otherwise would NOT be able to go and enjoy the park, to visit it and have a fun day like a normal kid for once, instead of being locked up at home for their behaviour. it's making an allowance so they CAN go.

and zeroxero: sure, a DS might keep our kid entertained for 15 minutes. but two hours? standing in line shuffling along? no way. You're obviously coping well with it. Our kid is not as far along that path. We're working hard with him, but its a slow process, especially when we have to work so hard at getting him up to normal in so many other aspects. why should he always be left out when his whole class are treated?
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hey seventh its not friggin brain damage you idiot. its a miscommunication in the receiving and sending of messages in the brain receptors. as a person with ADHD, i do agree that they should wait because it will bound to happen somewhere else. as for what to do, the kid needs a stimuli. so talking with friends, play some thumb war, or even let the kid entertain him/herself with a ds wouldnt be a bad idea. my 0.02
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