Cat Ladies

Why do some people (usually women) hoard cats? What makes somebody, that would otherwise be normal, be "the crazy cat lady"?

Perhaps its mental imbalance (a specific obsessive-compulsive behavior known as compulsive hoarding or animal hoarding) or perhaps, the answer is a little bit more mundane for some (see mark 1:20).

Here's the trailer for a documentary called "Cat Ladies" by Christie CAllan-Jones of Chocolate Box Entertainment: hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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Wow, someone got all defensive. Sheesh...
I think the woman they first showed was a hoarder. Just b/c someone takes good care of them doesn't make them any less of a hoarder. It's just that those are the kinds you usually see on the news.
I consider someone a hoarder when they just can't stop themselves from getting more.
Your friend w/ the 12 cats, if she has plans to get even more, then yes, I would consider her to have a hoarder mentality as well.

Nothing wrong with having a lot of pets, but when you just can't stop getting them, no matter how well you take care of them... it is hoarding. Just my opinion.
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I don't think I'd consider any of the women in that clip "hoarders", though. Yes, they have many cats. Just having more than X number of cats doesn't make someone a "hoarder". Someone crosses the line from "multiple cat household" over to "hoarder" when they cannot afford to:

- Feed all of their cats enough food to keep them at a healthy weight.

- Spay & neuter ALL their cats.

- Get regular, timely vet care and keep their cats free of fleas, ticks and disease.

- Give their cats enough time and attention to keep them happy and friendly.

- Keep their cats in the house, or outside with clean, comfortable shelter and NOT ROAMING OFF THEIR PROPERTY.

I have 5 cats. Am I a hoarder? I keep them indoors at all times, everyone is well-fed, clean, healthy, spayed & neutered, disease- and parasite-free and is a tame and friendly fun companion. A co-worker of mine has 12 cats (and 2 dogs) kept in the same condition. Is she a hoarder? How about the lady who runs the cat rescue in our area, she has 30-40 cats in her house. I've seen her house and cats, both are well-cared for.

Are all 3 of us "crazy cat hoarders"? And my husband too?
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There are three cases:
A) Crazy lady
B) Cat lady
C) Crazy cat lady

Maybe accurate statistics would prove me totally wrong but in my personal anecdotal experience case C seems to be the most common. In other words; the crazy cat lady would not be otherwise normal without the cats in most cases.
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