Face vs. Body

There have been many studies about what body part attracts the opposite sex, but few studies that compare the importance of body parts to each other. A new study suggests that people assign more importance to faces than bodies when they are looking for a long-term relationship. For a potential short-term relationship, men assigned slightly more importance to the appearance of a woman’s body, while women cared more about a man’s face.
Statistical analysis of men rating women indicated that, even though both the body and face ratings were significant positive predictors of the ratings given to the combined images, the face ratings were stronger predictors of the combined ratings. It was also observed that the ratings for combined images was slightly higher for short term relationships as compared to long term relationships. One other significant observation – when the short term and long term relationship data were analyzed separately, the body ratings stood as more significant predictors to the combined ratings than face ratings, for short term relationships. In the case of females rating men, similar to men – the body and face ratings were both significant predictors with the face ratings being very strong predictors as compared to the body ratings. However, females ratings for men did not show any difference under the short term and long term decisions.

This only makes sense, as we tend to cover our bodies most of the time, but you have to look at that face a lot. http://www.scitechbits.com/2009/08/31/what-makes-them-hot-body-or-face/ -via Digg

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I sort of hate to admit it, not only do I recognize people by their face I can pick out familiar females by their backside. I don't know how it works, I do know there have been many times I could pick the right person out from the back not neseccarily remembering names, I just know it is somebody I've had a fair amount of contact with. It's a nice skill to have.
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The cynical part of my brain said "hey, neatorama puts up boobs for more hits" but that's for another time.

As for the article itself, i suppose it's different things for different people. Sexual attraction is so vast and varied that I wouldn't be surprised if everyone caught something different from the other person.
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"Face vs. Body"

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