Taxonomy: Keeping the Family in Order

Taxonomy: Keeping the family in order

Got a loved one who loves to monkey around? Do you have an ardent Creationist friend who you'd love to poke a little fun at? Here's a new T-shirt from the Neatorama Shop that will fit him or her nicely.

The Taxonomy: Keeping the Family in Order T-shirt is designed by the super-talented (and available for hire) Chris Murphy of ChrisM70 Graphic Design. Words by our very own national treasure, Neatoramanaut Kalel.

For more geeky science T-shirts, check out the Neatorama Shop:

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I watched the Ben Stein movie Expelled and it was great!!!!!!!!! he showed how biased this country is to the nonsense of evolution. I'm not going to worship Darwin as a God. He thinks that after the Dinosaurs and most all living animsls (except for some marine and small nocturnal ones) died off 65 million years ago, that the lucky surviving animals evolved into humans in just 65 million years. That is absolutely crazy. They need to find another reason to say why the dinosaurs died off or their theory of evolution just look like crap in my eyes
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Actually, I guess I was really taking aim at the comment on the shop description that says: "If you think that someone you love act like he or she descends directly from monkeys ... that's absolutely right!"

It's the "absolutely right" part that struck a chord. Regardless of personal beliefs, the FACTS are that the twists and turns on the road of human history are still very much debatable. There are huge holes in the evolution theory that people want to overlook just so they have an answer, but as with much of science, the more we learn, the less we know.
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"Taxonomy: Keeping the Family in Order"

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