A Motorcycle With a Dodge Viper V10 Engine

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British nuclear engineer Allen Millyard is known for building huge motorcycles, often using car engines to replace the factory engines. His latest creation is this motorcycle, which uses a 500-hp, 8,400cc engine from the Dodge Viper sports car. That's as impressive as his prior feat of mounting two 6-cylinder engines on one bike.

http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/News/newsresults/videos/2009/August/aug2509-video-500bhp-v10-viper/?R=EPI-117907 via OhGizmo!

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'ummmm' 'tonyc' 'simonsays' you all missed the point enirely. Of *course* it wont handle well, of *course * it wont be like a 'busa or and r1, the point is it a frankenstein bike, and they are COOL.

Or maybe you have to be a motorcycle rider/enthusiast to appreciate what a frakken' cool piece of engineering this is. Haters, go home. You're not wanted here.
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There will allways be someone that can't get his or her head around building something different, To stand next to this bike just ticking over is fantastic, the whole bike is not simply a viper engine put in a frame and off you go, far from it, this is a one off, and it's sorted FIRST TIME!! The bike industry has taken decades to perfect their bikes and most of them are crap.They still can't get it right. This proves that us Brits still have it!! WE have allsorts bringing bit's n pieces to us to have made,( although we didn't do much on this) there are a lot of people in and around the Newbury area building and racing home built car's n Bikes...... Just Brilliant, Sorry i ranted abit there.
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Not practical at all.

It must handle horribly in turns, and by the photo above it doesn't seem a bit confortable. Besides, even with an oversized fuel tank, it isn't enough to give fuel autonomy like a powerful 1800cc bike would.

I wouldn't want to have my legs that close to a hot V10 engine... but I guess that with that tiny fuel tank (compared to a car) it'd run out of fuel even before the engine has time to warm up.

Aren't Hayabusas and RR1's enough?
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