Möbius Strip Music Box

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Brooklyn-based artist Ranjit Bhatnagar works with sound installations and homemade instruments. He created this music box guided by a Möbius strip. It'd be perfect for playing "The Song That Never Ends"! Bhatnagar made the music box as part of a project to create a musical instrument every day for a month.

Artist's Website via Popular Science

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Ok I get use of a mobius strip versus a loop....but where's the payoff....when I hear those tones something in me expects a jack-in-the-box to spring forth.
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@jill: you're wrong.

The second half of the song is the same as the first half with the scale inverted- the high notes become the low notes and vice versa.

The real art here is making both halves sound good.
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I bought one of these hand crank music boxes for about $7, it came with paper strips that you punch out to create your songs. It looks like he is using the exact same one I have just mounted on the bottom of a tin can. I taped a few songs into loops because its easier than collecting your song after it goes through and refeeding it into the music box.

I didn't even think of trying a mobius strip, it seems like it would reverse the notes from top to bottom and beginning to end at various points.
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