The Office Kid -- Your Source for Excuses from Work

Need a good excuse for why you're late to/absent from work? The Office Kid kit lets you pretend to have a child, which you can then use as an excuse for your questionable work ethic. Each kit comes with a framed picture of a child (ethnicity of your choice), a work of children's art, and a list of suggested excuses. For additional fees, you can have the child photoshopped into a sports team picture or a doctor's note on official-looking stationery.

Link via Bits & Pieces

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Cat... reread her post, and more carefully this time. She had a job she could do, and did not take off time as others do. Her reward was being told she would have to switch shifts or lose her job. I wonder if others were asked to do the same, or they saw it as an easier way to eliminate her job? I've seen that before...
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Miss Cellania, why take a job you know you can't do then? It's not their fault they needed you for certain hours. You can't just expect them to be cool with it if you don't work because you took a job that your life is incompatible with.

And it's people who do that that make this kit so funny.
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This is great! I don't have children, but my cat was recently very ill, and getting off work to get him to a vet was a pain in the a**, complete with lecture from my supervisor about how it was not a true emergency. My cat is my child, and I'm a single parent to him--there was no one I could call to help out. Had he been an actual human child, they would have sped me on my way with get-well-soon balloons.
The unfairness of living in a society that privileges child-rearing! Ugh!
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