Zombie Song Lyrics

Zombaritaville is a Seattle-based blogger who writes parodies of popular songs, reimagining them as zombie-themed.  Here's a passage from the lyrics for his song "Rippin' Off Your Skin", based on Bob Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind":

How many lobes must a ghoul gulp down
Before he eats the whole brainpan?
How many skulls must a sniper nail
Before her rifle has jammed?
Yes, n' how many bites must I take of this guy
Before I've digested his hand?
The zombies my friend, are rippin' off your skin
The zombies are rippin' off your skin

Yes, n' how many folks must cease to exist
Before it's called a "killing spree"?
Yes, n' how many years in this mall can we subsist
'Til we're forced by bikers to flee?
Yes, n' how many towns must shamblers infest
Before they all turn to debris?
The zombies my friend, are rippin' off your skin
The zombies are rippin' off your skin

Other songs that he's rewritten include Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler", Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U", "Jack & Diane" by John Mellencamp, and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

Link via Boing Boing

Image by flickr user ingridjee used under creative commons license

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Genres come in trends. They're in for awhile, then they're out. Zombies have been overdone since 2006, but for some reason the internet still thinks they're hip and relevant. It's like Dad buying you Guitar Hero 1 for Christmas.
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Could you not even have bothered trying to find s new picture?
Not that I care about the recent zombie monomania here, but what with updates on the same subject and reposts and now picture recycling, it's getting to be a confusing place to visit.
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