Haggis Is NOT Scottish!

I'm sure if I asked you what country do you think haggis originated from, you'd say Scotland. Well, that would be wrong. In fact, haggis was invented by the English.

Food historian Catherine Brown has discovered something that would be very hard for the Scots to swallow: that the national dish of Scotland was described in a 1615 recipe book The English Hus-wife by Gervase Markham.

Ms Brown, whose findings feature in a TV documentary broadcast this week, said: "It was originally an English dish. In 1615, Gervase Markham says that it is very popular among all people in England.

"By the middle of the 18th century another English cookery writer, Hannah Glasse, has a recipe that she calls Scotch haggis, the haggis that we know today."

But reference to haggis in a 1771 novel by Tobias Smollett, The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, showed it was considered a Scottish dish by the late 18th century.

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It's not Scottish, but it isn't English either.

Read up on Haggis:

Article summed up: It's an ancient Greek and Roman recipe which has been found in 15th and 16th century English and Scottish cookbooks with ingredients local to the British Isles.

I would identify it as a Scottish food, however, since they've adapted it to include native ingredients, have adopted it as a sort of national foodstuff, and is most commonly associated with Scotland.
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hat the national dish of Scotland was described in a 1615 recipe book The English Hus-wife by Gervase Markham.

Are they solely basing this on a recipe being written in a book? I'm pretty sure that doesn't prove it originated in England, mearly they were the first to document the recipe in writing.

in Scotland it could of been a common recipe that was taught to any one that cooks so there was no need to have it in text form
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I dare to bet that all around the world and especially if there were Celts, if you dig long enough, everywhere where they had all the ingredients, you will find that this dish has been staple diet at some point. So most likely Whatever it is called, the equivalent of haggis will originate from Turkey to Scotland and from Spain to Poland and all countries in between. Because that is where the Celts lived.

Therefore I declare with great confidence: Haggis is clearly fro the south of Germany because that is heartland Celtic territory! ;-)
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