How Secure Are Your Private Photos?

The Found Photos project consists of a collection of private photos which file-sharing users have unknowingly made public when installing P2P software.

The result is a pastiche of modern life upon which you can't feel at least slighty guilty for intruding:

The Found Photos project started in 2004, while searching for mp3's using a filesharing program.

After downloading a folder of mp3's, I came across a folder named 'pictures' inside of the album folder, and found a handful of digital camera photos. This made me wonder what else was out there, what people are publicly sharing - after a few quick keyword searches I came across thousands of them publicly shared.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Nick9000.

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Did anyone see the Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed picture (and this is not a concert picture either, but them sitting on the couch with her dog - at home, at someone's couch)! And there is one in there of Richard Stallman (RMS) sitting in front of a yert or something... I wonder how those got in there.

Will the guy pull a picture or a set of pictures if someone ask him to do so, I wonder?
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You'll kind of be immortal if your pictures are circulating out there in cyberspace after you pass on.

"hey, who's this guy with socks and flip flops on picking his nose? This picture looks like it predates the great intergalactic war of 2247."
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Yeah, the one thing all these people have in common (besides having photos on their computer and using P2P software), is that all of them were not smart enough to not accidentally share their photos. :P
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