Facial Expressions Vary from East to West

A recent study published in the journal Current Biology suggests that facial expressions may be culturally-bound, rather than universal:

University of Glasgow researchers enlisted 13 Western Caucasians and 13 East Asians. They had everyone examine pictures of expressive faces that were labeled according to a recognized western system called the Facial Action Coding System. The faces were purported to be happy, sad, surprised, fearful, disgusted, angry or neutral, and the participants categorized them as such. Turns out the East Asians were less likely to categorize the faces by Western standards.

By tracking the subject’s eye movements, researchers concluded that Westerners look at whole faces. But Easterners kept their focus mainly on the eye region. So while Westerners may use their whole faces to show that they’re elated, Easterners may express that feeling mainly around their eyes. Which means that facial expressions are not a universal language. That’s a fact that international travelers are sooner or later forced to face.


Image by flickr user Psalinas used under creative commons license

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western smilies are all about the mouth:
:-) :-( :-/ :-o
eastern smilies are all about the eyes:
^_^ o_O -_-°
And I don't think that's just from the different writing direction.
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The programmers for all those facial recognition & profiling camera systems thought they were so smart. "hmm, the crinkles on this subjects forehead indicate he's a potential terrorist". Or maybe he just doesn't like big brother breathing down his neck. This ought to give em some headaches.
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