Albert Fish: The Vampire of Brooklyn

In 1920s, mutilated bodies of murdered children turned up in the streets of New York City. The crimes were so horrific that they were quickly attributed to a boogieman.

The truth was more mundane but much more disturbing - the murders were perpetrated by a man named Albert Fish, who aptly earned the nickname of the Vampire of Brooklyn:

At this time, Albert H. Fish was working at the nearby YMCA and the center for mentally challenged children. He was fired when “things about these children came out”. He was quoted as saying he “liked killing disabled and black boys because no one would miss them”.

February 11, 1927 Billy Gaffrey was snatched from a hallway in an apartment building. A witness said “it was the Boogieman that got him”. Albert Fish had taken the boy back to the boarding house he was staying at and got right to work. Using a saw, knife, and cleaver he dismembered and drained the blood of Billy Gaffrey. He drank the blood and saved the meat for food. He took the ears and face and made it into a stew with carrots and onions and his behind was roasted in the oven.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by lannaxe96.

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i wonder why the (usually brilliant) neatorama would feature a posting that is markedly shorter and less well written than the wikipedia article it is based on. not up to your usual standards, sorry.
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This story sounds terrifyingly similar to the excellent fiction book The Alienist by Caleb Carr.
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Fish was not the first or the last murderer to use the common good as subterfuge. The men who ran Boys Town in the 70's would sometimes murder 20 children at a time after yearlong charades to convince their families that they had died of cancer or some other illness/accident.
Nobody ever went to prison for their direct involvement in what was really happening. There were a lot of cover-ups just to put a stop to it that compromised justice to this day.
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