Cat Saves Man from Burning Home

With most "pet saves family from fire" stories, it's easy to assume that the pet woke someone up because it wanted OUT of the house. In this case, the cat came in from outside, and it didn't even live there!
Engineer Andrew Williams was asleep when the fire broke out at his bungalow in Bracknell in Berkshire.

As black smoke filled the property, his neighbour's cat Hugo came through a cat-flap and raised the alarm by clawing at the father-of-two's face.

Rescuers said that the fire could have killed Mr Williams if he had not been awoken by Hugo. A smoke detector had been moved during work on the bungalow.

Hugo had been in the house before, and was in fact a regular visitor. He was not in the habit of clawing Mr. Williams' face. Link -via Arbroath

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Briannana, you should know that humor in comments among the intarwebs can be hard to discern. Looks like you came across a little harsh in your previous comment and it didn't look like you actually read the post since one of your facts was not accurate.
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Oh for crying out loud I can't believe you guys actually took my comment seriously. And no, I didn't read the headline. It was merely a non-vicious knock against cats. Thin-skinned these days, aren't we, folks?
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Big deal, a DOG not only would have went into the neighbors house (using the key under the front mat if needed), woken the dad gently with a soothing back rub, got the people out of the house, made tea for the firemen, and then assist with putting the fire out.
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