12 Ways to Travel the World for Free

Money Hacker has a list of twelve ways to travel the world without paying. Some are for free lodging, some for travel expenses, so you may have to combine several tips to truly travel free -and none of these ideas involve joining the military! http://www.moneycompare.com.au/blog/12-ways-to-travel-the-world-for-free.php -via the Presurfer

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To travel is my dream to see the world. But for me it's not that easy. I live on the island of st.john in the u.s.v.i. where things are harder then they should.I have lived on the island all my life and i have gone nowhere . So i am asking for help and advise on to get started and on my trip around the world plaese . THANK YOU
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The military is no vacation period. You're the little guy getting yelled at and peeling that potato in the freak-in corner for years. Traveling isn't cheap or free. You pretty much living on shit fume and in shit-holes. If you're smart enough, lucky enough, or brave enough to find good fortune for the moment, its not gonna last. Enjoy what good fortune that do come and plan ahead. You're gonna experience things that's out of this world and things you probably wouldn't wish on anyone. When all is done and you're alive and healthy, we call that experiencing the world. Life is full of the good and the bad. The one who is experienced is the one you goes through enough of the shit-holes and come out alive to tell the story. Not everyone is that lucky people. Most American kids aren't taught or train to survive shit let alone the real world. So it's probably a good idea to plan, have some emergency money and most importantly, go with someone who had some experience in this kind of stuff. It is fun be on believe and worth it in every way if you come back in one healthy piece in the end. Have fun, be cautious and good luck.
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hey all well i am an egyptian college student and i'm a 19 years old very enthused and willing to travel the world as it's one of my dreams having the thinking of the world as a very small village and all those people living in it as one family but a bit large enthuses me more and more but i really can't afford payin gfor that so i'm searching for these free programs and can't really find any that suits my age,nationality or being free so can anybody please help me with information thanks so so much =]
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Be under no illusion that sailing abroad is free. There are many many costs, least of all fresh water, emptying sewage tanks, and docking costs. Some Asian ports require a month's notice before you can dock there and the daily rate for foreigners is out of this world. I've heard many horror stories about people not being able to make landfall in a country because the paperwork clearing them hadn't gone through yet resulting in thousands of dollars in fines.

Luckily my state as many hidden treasures to discover with excellent water-ways and barrier islands. And for my fellow eastcoasters, the IntraCoastal Waterway kicks serious booty.. and it's FREE!!!
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