If Star Wars Was Real

If Star Wars Was Real is a photoshop gallery of images which imagine a synthesis of human history (particularly in the 20th Century) and Star Wars. Well, I think that it's photoshopped. The hosts are a bit more ambitious:

Our mission is to compile any evidence we can find to prove that Star Wars is real. So far, we have several contacts around the globe studying photographs and artifacts for any shred of evidence they can find. However, since most of the evidence seems to be hidden away by some sort of worldwide government consipracy, we need your help to find the truth!

Link via io9

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Thank you, MoonlightinVT. I completely agree.

And I'm happy to sign on as the second member of "The National Board of Grouchy People for the Preservation of the Subjunctive Tense" if you like!
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No, no, no! It needs to be "If Star Wars 'were' real!" "WERE", dangit! You need the future subjunctive tense, not this half-formed grammatical fetus! When expressing a wish or a probability/possibility, you need to use future subjunctive. As it's worded now, you're speculating on the past, like expressing doubt over the moon landing; for example, it would work in the sentence "If the 1969 moonwalk was real, why can't I see the lunar rover with my telescope?"

In conclusion, the headline should read "If Star Wars Were (or had been) Real." With all due thanks for your time and efforts,
The National Board of Grouchy People for the Preservation of the Subjunctive Tense (Were Such an Organization Actually Real, That is.)
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