Family Bicycling from Kentucky to Alaska on Five-Person Bicycle

Bill and Amarins Harrison and their three children are on a lengthy family vacation. They plan on riding their custom-made bicycle to Florida, and thence to Alaska and back again:

They departed Renfro Valley on Saturday. Their immediate destination is Oak Ridge, and then on to the Atlantic Coast by way of the Carolinas. From there, they’ll travel to Florida, head to the Southwest by way of the Southeast (hoping to spend the winter months peddling through warmer environs) and will eventually travel up the Pacific Coast to Alaska.

They figure on arriving in Alaska in August 2010. They’ll stay there for one year, then head back to Renfro Valley, arriving back home sometime in late 2012....

“Risk-taking is what made this country great,” he says. “It wasn’t politics or religion. It was about risking to go around the next bend in the river or over the next mountain. If we still took those risks today, this would be a better world.” via Instapundit

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An "ordinary people on an extra ordinary journey of giving & receiving" . . . well, as I see it this family is on a journey to that is teaching their young girls how to use "great-hearted americans". People, I not against people living their dreams, but I am against people using their children to "Panhandle" for money for their dream holiday. Trust me . . I heard the father say [about going to a local event in Juneau, Alaska] "good that would be a great place for us to do some panhandling". What kind of values is this for the children? This family wants you to see this one adventurous side of them . . but there is more to this story then meets the eye. People if you must give money to a "cause" there is so many people that need help (not help for a vacation or dream). Parents that are dealing with kids with cancer - could use a paid dinner. People in nursing homes have needs all the time, a new larger tv, beautiful flowers, or just a visit. Just think about who and what the cause is serving before you give.
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Today, March 19th, the family has passed through Watsonville, CA, 80 miles south of San Francisco.
Their success is almost complete. Obviously, all of the commenting cretins with such negative attitudes have never attempted any type long-distance bicycling endeavor. They probably couldn't even walk to the corner market. This family has shown the world what positive attitude really means. If you live anywhere along their route, get out and support them, both morally AND financially.
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I would like to leave a comment regarding the one left by older than you,on Aug. the 9t at 11:08 am. I can`t understand how people like you can go to sleep at night.After the comment you made about this family,and their precious children. Evidently you do not have a family,and from your attitude it is good that you don`t. I cannot believe that you have been following this story and looked into the faces of these precious children,because if you had,unless you are some kind of a monster,there is no way that you could make that remark,about hoping they get ran over by a semi. It is evil heartless people like you that have got this country into the mess it is in. People that care for nothing or no one but yourself.I personally go to sleep praying for this family. That the Lord will keep them safe,through the night and supply their needs for the coming day. I am so disgusted and angry at the comment you made that my hands are shaking. I can just imagine you,some big slob of a person sitting in slimy pig pin of a house,to lazy to even have dreams to follow,let alone have the ambition to follow them.And all you can do is get on here and say something that you think might impress someone. Well I doubt there are many people that you impressed,unless it someone like yourself,and you kind of people don`t even deserve to have your opinion heard.I may never get to comment on here again,but at least I have made my feelings known,and hope there are others out there that feel the same
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I met these people tonight. They are a very nice group of people. They made it to Florida this week and will start more traveling on Monday. It is a really neat idea and they are homeschooling the kids while on this journey. They have made many smart choices and put this trip together well.
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Sorry to dig up a dead posts. But just found this on the site and wanted to address a few topics. The Harrisons live across the road from my parents. They're not independently wealthy, yet they built the house they live in with accruing no debt. They simply built it little by little as money allowed. Bill does have three children from a prior marriage and now 3 with Amarins, I wouldn't quite compare any of them to bacteria or any single cell organism though. Amarins has the certifications to home school the girls. She was homeschooling Jasmine prior to their idea to take this journey. By the time Jasmine would have been starting 1st grade she knew her basic multiplication tables and had learned them out of her own curiosity/will to learn. They've also made it to Florida for those who are interested ;-)
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